Suspension Training is done with bodyweight exercises. This helps to develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Most suspension trainings have one point of contact into a ceiling or frame but our suspension systems have two contact points making exercising much more challenging. Our dual suspension points leverage the forces and the participants body weight to provide a full workout.

Redcord Class

This slow-paced open level class is focused on postural corrections and relearning firing patterns; everyone’s postural imbalances are different so why should their workouts be the same? This class is about going back to the basics with the Pilates principles of breathing, neutral pelvis, head, and ribcage placement. Redcord improves core stability by activating the correct muscles and using multiple suspension points. The exercises are used with a system of ropes and slings hanging from above. Due to controlled instability, your muscles will be “fired up” just the right amount at the right time.

pilates private
  • Technique 20%
  • Postural corrections 70%
  • Flexibility 10%

Redcord HIIT Class

This high intensity interval training class is open to all levels and individuals that want a challenging workout. This class offers a combination of physical and mental stamina utilizing your own bodyweight as resistance. We want to assist you in building strength, and the Redcord has the ability to change its height, giving more or less support to the user.

pilates private
  • Teaching based in Pilates Basic Principles 20%
  • Sweat factor 80%
  • Flexibility 10%

Silk Suspension Class

Cardio, strength and inversions! If you like to try new things and go upside down this class is for you. This intermediate to advanced class consists of Mat Pilates combined with the bellicon© (a mini trampoline). You and a partner will alternate between the Silk and the bellicon creating a perfect workout. The instability created by two enhances your Pilates workout and gives you a unique suspension experience. Our Pilates Silk Suspension program features a full range of functional training exercises targeting every major muscle group for the ultimate total body workout.

pilates private
  • Mat Pilates 20%
  • Challenges 80%
  • Cardio 10%

RIP Trainer Class

This open level class will take you through a cardio circuit using the TRX Rip Trainer to improve core stability, rotation, and strength for a high intensity workout with low risk of injury. Originally created to meet the needs of combat sport athletes and physical therapists, Rip Trainings variable resistance exercises are a multi-faceted approach to strength and cardiovascular conditioning that challenge you in all three planes of motion. Every rep, every set, every workout. Please bring gym shoes. Space is limited to eight people.

pilates private
  • Technique 20%
  • Challenges 10%
  • Cardio 70%


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