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In tandem with our mission to unlock a clients potential, we believe that playing is a phenomenial way to jumpstart any part of your day and get your little ones to

Move, Think, & Grow.

Our Play2BeFit packages offer oppertunities for children to move their bodies and work their minds. Gaining basic strength and controll of movement comes not just from learning movement, but a strong brain too; which is why we have developed the Play2BeFit philosophy so that your child can be ready on the mats or in the classroom.

“Play2BeFit was fantastic to get my little ones going. It worked them out, and engaged their minds. We worked with Alyssa and she hit it off with them right away.” 

Our mothers understand that PTBF’s programming for postnatal parents and their children deliver a safe exercise space for parent and child. We know getting back into the swing of things is hard, but we’re here to help with coaches who know how to work with your body post-birth. Come join us to get back into your grove while introducing the newest member of your family to some exciting new movements.

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Join us for an introduction into athletics. Your young ones will run, jump, and play their way through obstacle courses as they build strength and find body awareness. Classes are made to inspire all children about the importance of healthy living and regular exercises. Sign up below and come play with us to keep your little ones Fit4Life. 

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Now that they are a little older we want your children to join us for a more intermediate approach to obstacle training. It’s all the fun they had in previous sessions, with some more advanced activities. Play2BeFit will help them to build strength and have fun. The sooner we build healthy habits and find a love for exercise the sooner they will be able to start their journey to be Fit4Life.

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Approaching the teen years can be scary for parent and child, but E&E knows a good workout can help keep things in check. Continue to enjoy your pre-teen years with workouts that will keep you moving and excited as you mature into a young adult. Come work with us on building strength, endurance, and coordination all while maintaining the fun aspects of the PTBF platform. 

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Use your formative years to take a fun approach to building healthy habits and smart minds. Play2BeFit’s teen program incorporates creative workouts into your teens life to introduce them to a regular exercise routine. The mission of PTBF is to create smart, fun workouts that engage the whole person. With our Teen program athletes maintain the same fun approach to exercise in the younger levels, but with additional emphasis on building healthy lives.


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