Learn the basic movement patterns of the human body and enjoy the quality of life. At Evolve & Elevate we utilize the five basic movements of pushing, pulling, squatting, carrying, and hinging in every class no matter which equipment we are using. Kettlebells, barbell, and bodyweight exercises are here to teach you the foundation of how to move properly

Group Kettlebell Training

Working with Kettlebells is a great way to get cardio and strength training done in one workout. We will teach you how to create new and healthy movement patterns in your body; helping you to reduce the risk of injury. You will be coached on how to use the Kettlebell with proper bio-mechanics and cues for correct lifting techniques. Our coaches will always push you be the strongest version of yourself! As you progress in your practice with Kettlebells you will then have the option to train with the barbells in addition to the Kettlebells. Our open level classes are done barefoot or with minimal shoes.

  • Technique and strength 80% 80%
  • Closers 10% 10%
  • Cardio 10% 10%

Chicago Lifting League

The Chicago Lifting League will focus on the three big lifts: deadlifts, squats, and bench pressing. This an internal competition to show yourself how strong you really are. We will dial in on technique, progressions, and programming. Before you ever lift a weight, we will make sure you can perform your movements perfectly on the floor first. All levels are welcomed! Build your basics and power up your lifts!


  • Monthly Customized Strength Training Program

  • Open gym privileges

  • Teaching apps that allow you to record videos and send them to your coach

  • Muscle in Motion app that shows you how the movements should be properly done

  • Shared Google Sheets with your coach that allows you to track progress

  • Initial assessments, optional pictures, body fat measurements, weight tracking, goal sheets & monthly follow-ups.

    *Must be a Evolve & Elevate member enrolled in a monthly membership or a subscriber to an Evolve & Elevate online program to enrol in the Chicago Lifting League and receive customized training and programming